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About the Digital Community


Welcome to the Digital Community! You may be wondering what this page is, and why you should continue exploring the website before going back to other procrastination methods and different websites to surf (don’t worry, I’ll admit it - we're all guilty of procrastination. Maybe the Digital Community can even help you out with de-stressing and re-focusing so you can get back to work).

The Digital Community is a student-driven website where you can connect and share stories from anywhere. We currently have seven main categories that posts will fall under: awareness, career, lifestyle, opinion, student experience, study, and wellness. We are constantly changing this space to feed the needs of YOUR interests, so don’t be surprised if some things, like categories, look different the next time you visit. 

The best part about the Digital Community is that all content on the website is created by students. Our Content Creators and Digital Community Crew are working non-stop to bring you the most engaging content possible including articles, blogs, videos, quizzes, and more. Maybe you have a story to share, and we’d love to hear your voice as well. We welcome guest writers at any time, submit your idea here.

If you’ve read this far, that’s amazing. But there is much more to explore on the Digital Community. So now it’s time for you to adventure around, have some fun, and enjoy!