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If you are a part of the Digital Community Crew or the team of Content Creator Creators, this is your creator hub. Find training and submit content and ideas here!

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Content Creator 2020 Winter Incentive

As an added incentive for our team of Digital Community Crew members and Content Creators, if you submit 2 completed posts between January 1, 2020 and April 1, 2020, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a prize valued between $50 and $100. Any additional posts that you submit will count as extra entries into the draw.

2 posts = 1 entry

3 posts = 2 entries

4 posts = 3 entries

Content ideas must be approved first by being submitted through the Submit an Idea form below. Completed content must be submitted through the Finished Content form for the entry to count. Content Creators and Digital Community Crew members must have completed the Content Creation Training in order to be eligible for the prize draw.

Content Submissions

  • Submit an Idea

    After you submit your ideas, the Digital Community Coordinator or a Digital Community Assistant will reach out to you to approve the idea and provide any notes or suggestions that may support you in your content creation. Please submit an idea before submitting a finished piece.

    Idea approval: When it comes to idea approval, we place as few restrictions as possible on content to avoid censorship. We encourage you to be honest and authentic, share your personal experiences, and be open to learning. Ideas that are harmful, discriminatory, or mention illegal activity will not be approved.

  • Submit Finished Content
    This form is for finished content. Please fill out the Submit an Idea form first to get your concept approved and receive feedback before submitting a finalized piece.

Mandatory Training

In addition to contributing content, all Digital Community Crew members are required to complete the following two trainings in order to gain Involvement Record recognition at the end of the year: Content Creation Training and Building Your Personal Brand training. Content Creators are only required to complete Content Creation Training.

New in 2020: Digital Community Crew members for the 2020-2021 academic year will be required to complete a Campaign Building training (to be developed).

Content Creation Training

It is advised that you complete the Content Creation Training prior to submitting any ideas or content. This training is available online by downloading the Content Creation Guide and completing the Content Creation Quiz. You need a score of at least 70% in order to pass the quiz. Once you submit the quiz, it will be sent to the Digital Community Coordinator for grading. You will receive an email with your score once it has been graded (typically within a one week period). You have unlimited attempts to successfully complete the quiz.

Download the Content Creation Guide

Complete the Content Creation Quiz

Building Your Personal Brand

Building Your Personal Brand is a training designed to get you to reflect and think more strategically about your online presence. This workshop will help you discover how to build your personal brand authentically, focusing mainly on Instagram and Twitter. This training is run sporadically throughout the year. You can register for the Building Your Personal Brand workshop on the Student Life Portal.

Find the next Building Your Personal Brand session