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Spring Scavenger Hunt

striped egghatching eggdotted egg

Welcome to the Spring Scavenger Hunt! This year the Digital Community is taking egg hunts online and giving you the chance to win some eggcellent prizes by participating. 

Throughout the Digital Community, there are three different types of eggs hidden: striped eggsstriped egg, dotted eggsdotted egg, and hatching eggshatching egg.

Search through the Digital Community website for any of these egg icons. When you find one of these icons, click on it! Each icon is hidden four or five times and will be hidden with a letter. Find all the letters associated with an icon, unscramble them to determine the code word and submit the word. One word = one entry. You have up to three chances to win prizes (one chance for each word correctly submitted). 

You have until April 30, 2020, to find and submit your word(s). Are you up for our challenge?

striped egg = a five-letter word hatching egg= a four-letter worddotted egg = a five-letter word