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Tips for wellness during physical distancing

March 31, 2020

Physical distancing wellness tips

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Stay active

Sweat it out at home. Replace your gym workouts with at-home workouts. Download a fitness app or try a workout on YouTube.

Stay connected

Although you may not be able to visit people, stay connected with people online. Call or text someone, or start a group chat with your family/friends.

Get creative

Take some time to let your creative juices flow. Paint, draw, write, or even make a vision board.


Do you have a stack of books you haven't had a chance to read? Now's your chance!

Get organized

Take some time to de-clutter. This could mean cleaning out your closet, tidying up your room, or organizing your workspace.

The basics

When your routine is thrown off, the basics can be too. Keep drinking lots of water, eating regularly and getting enough sleep.

By Rebecca Fisico