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Five study playlists to end the semester off strong

December 9, 2019

When I was in high school I could never listen to music while I studied. Now, with the amount of hours dedicated to studying as a university student, it’s hard not to listen to music as a study companion. Here are my five favourite YouTube study playlists to end off the semester strong! 

Epic Motivational Music 

This mix is for perfect for pumping you up and making you feel like the impossible assignment you’ve set out to conquer is possible after all. 

Christmas Jazz

This Christmas jazz instrumental mix  is a relaxing and cozy study companion. It is also a convenient way to get into the Christmas spirit as we approach the holidays!

Mozart Classical Music 

This Mozart classical mix will make your study sessions fly by while increasing your IQ! Classical music is shown to increase IQ with respect to spatial reasoning coining the term, “The Mozart effect” ¹.

Lofi Hip-hop 

If you’re looking for a mellow background score to help you loosen up during your rigorous exam studies, this Lofi Hip-hop mix is just for you!

Productive Music Playlist 

Do you like Pop music but get easily distracted by the words? Listen to this upbeat and instrumental productivity playlist featuring instrumental renditions of your current favourite songs.


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