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Benefits of the Ambassador Program

November 1, 2019

Ambassador's standing together on a stairwell.

There are many ways to get involved on campus; one of them is the Ambassador Program. I cannot stress enough the amount of potential this program gives you to grow. Without further ado, I’m here to convince you to sign up to become an Ambassador!

You get to make SO many friends

All the other Ambassadors that you will meet and will be spending time with are so valuable, and you get a feeling of accomplishment while talking to everyone and getting involved. This will eventually lead you to becoming great friends with some of the people you will work within the Ambassador Program.

You are completely up to date on everything going on in the university

The most amazing thing about this program is that you get an email every single week on everything that is going on around campus, including tons of exciting events.

You get to represent the university in different events

Events like the Ontario University Fair (OUF) or the Fall and Spring Open Houses are such exciting events that you can have fun at while volunteering with other Ambassadors. You will feel a sense of leadership while being in this role.

Point system

The Ambassador Program has a point system, which means that every event you volunteer at as an Ambassador will earn you a certain amount of points. This is such a great way of encouraging yourself to attend and volunteer at more events.

Levels of Ambassador

Did you know there are different levels of Ambassadors as well? You start at Level One and then once you have a certain number of points you move onto Level Two, then Level Three. This gives SO MUCH potential to grow and actually be able to see your progress.

Great food

The food that is provided to the Ambassadors who are volunteering or during the training is actually worth it to be a part of the program. Ambassadors are well taken care of.

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up for the Ambassador Program