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5 reasons feminine hygiene products should be free

July 20, 2018


No one chooses to have periods.

Periods are biological, it’s not something we can control and we have no choice in the matter. Why do we have to pay all this money (feminine hygiene products are expensive!) for something we didn’t ask for?


Who's in charge here?

The government constantly tries (and sometimes succeeds) at placing tough restrictions on reproductive rights. If they are regulating our lady parts, they might as well pay for costs relating to those parts. 


There's free condoms everywhere!

You can get free condoms from anywhere but something that it is supposed to help women feel better is more expensive that it should actually be which is upright disgusting and annoying.


Let's talk about hygiene...

Having sex is a choice, you don’t need a condom but women can’t do without tampons or pads because if we don’t wear them, we have to face the consequence of staining everything and making others feel uncomfortable. Having us bleed all over the place doesn’t sound very hygienic.


We can't live without them.

 If women didn’t have periods, mankind would literally vanish. So, I don’t think we would be asking too much to reduce the cost of feminine products or make them free.