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I found love in a meatless place

January 21, 2019

By Natalie Irwin

I’m not sure if I’d consider myself a professional food-taster by any means, but I certainly like food, and as of a year ago, that food is VEGAN.


As a fourth-year student, I’ve had a lot of time between classes to explore the downtown campus and determine where the best places are to eat. Over the last year, I’ve realized how tricky finding places that can make your meal animal-free can be, so let me help you out! Here’s a list of my favourite restaurants in downtown Oshawa, all of which can serve all of your vegan needs:

Berry Hill Food Co.

Berry Hill is right on King Street, so it’s relatively close to downtown classes! It has the cutest ambience and a TON. OF. VEGAN. OPTIONS! My recommendation? Moroccan quinoa salad! I wish I wasn’t writing this while hungry. 



Most people likely consider the best day of their life to be something along the lines of their graduation, their wedding, or the birth of their child. Well, the best day of my life might have been when I discovered Mathilda’s. Mathilda’s is on Simcoe Street, so again, it’s very close to downtown classes. You must try their BBQ Pulled Jack Sub; I promise this sandwich changed my life and I now know what true love is (and it’s in the shape of a vegan sandwich).


Pizza Pizza

I know, this one isn’t a fancy hidden gem, but Pizza Pizza is one of the only pizza places that I know offers dairy-free “cheese.” Eating vegan doesn’t necessarily have to mean being healthy, but if it does, Pizza Pizza also has cauliflower crust (delicious) that you can swap out the regular crust for. If you’re looking for some not-so-healthy vegan options, try the regular crust with your favourite veggie toppings and balsamic dressing! Yummy!


Whether you’re vegan or just looking for some absolutely delectable eats, these are my top recommendations! Don’t forget to eat your veggies (in whichever form you prefer!)